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CLD Concierge Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us directly if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Why Dr. Lantz?2024-01-18T17:23:04-05:00

After 10 years building my traditional medical practice, it is time to bring the highest quality, most accurate and efficient diagnostic and therapeutic primary care that I am known for to a better model. With expertise and a decade of experience in practice, managing the health of thousands of patients and a special interest in obesity, hormone replacement therapy, mental health care, women’s health, nursing home care and health coaching, I am excited to offer you the quality of care, access, and partnership that you deserve for your lifetime.

Why concierge style care?2024-01-18T17:22:37-05:00

The limitations of our health care system have become intolerable. I offer the highest quality, most accessible and best value in concierge medical care for adults ages 18 and up in our area. This comes at a fixed annual cost with no hidden costs and with no additional insurance billing or copayments. Weight loss care, mental health care, health coaching, hormone replacement therapy, courtesy visits to hospitals and nursing homes, in-home labs and 24/7 access via phone/text/email as well as house calls are included. While an additional cost, I believe the value in this exceeds the costs. I believe having unlimited, unrushed visits allows for the type of relationship with your primary care doctor that will not only eliminate all your health care anxiety, but also can be legitimately life-saving.

Who benefits from concierge care?2024-01-18T17:22:08-05:00
  • Those who are frustrated with health issues they can’t find an answer to.
  • Those who don’t have the time to come to the doctor, or even wait on hold for appointments
  • Those who need more time with their doctor
  • Those who want a closer relationship with their doctor
  • Those who have a hard time leaving the home for doctor visits.
  • Those struggling with weight, mental health, or menopause
  • Those with complex health conditions who want to minimize ER visits & hospital stays
  • Those living in extended care facilities (Dr. Lantz was the medical director of Judson Park for one year of her career and is an expert in navigating nursing home/rehab environments).
  • Those who are in ANY WAY lacking satisfaction & security in their current health care.
What’s included?2024-02-20T17:21:18-05:00

Unlimited 24/7/365contact via phone/text/email

Unlimited same or next-day visits in your home, your office, your nursing home, or other care facility or in our office space

Unlimited in-home lab draws and EKGs

Unlimited health coaching

Comprehensive obesity care and weight loss medication prescribing

Unlimited hormone replacement, menopause and anti-aging medicine

Personal scheduling of all testing & specialist visits

Daily hospital and nursing home visits during times of illness

Accompanying patients to important specialist visits when appropriate

What does this cost?2024-01-18T17:20:15-05:00

Consider the value of this model of care by reviewing our fee schedule here.

Do I still need insurance?2024-01-18T17:19:31-05:00

While we do not accept insurance, insurance is important to cover hospitalizations, specialist visits, labs and imaging tests (though we also offer discounted costs for lab services if you choose not to use insurance). While a good primary care doctor like Dr. Lantz can handle 90% of your health care needs, it remains important to carry insurance for more complex or catastrophic medical events which may occur.

What if I need labs, imaging or specialist care?2024-01-18T17:19:12-05:00

Dr. Lantz will draw all blood tests during visits in our office or in your home, eliminating the need to wait around in a lab. We are able to offer discounted costs for labs and imaging tests, or you can continue to use your insurance to cover these services as you always have. Dr. Lantz is able to provide scheduling assistance for all imaging and specialist visits, and is even able to attend specialist visits with you, if it will enhance and expedite your care.

Will we really be able to contact our physician directly?2024-01-18T17:18:42-05:00

Yes, 24/7/365 with same or next-day visits during the day, evening and weekends. During times when Dr. Lantz is not in town, you will be notified, and you will be matched with another direct care provider. Dr. Lantz will work with you to avoid EVER needing urgent care and will be able to sharply reduce your need for emergency room visits by providing constant care. In the event that emergency care cannot be avoided, Dr. Lantz will help you navigate your emergency. This model of care means you will never have to worry about not being able to get in touch with your physician immediately.

Why should I pay extra fees for healthcare?2024-01-18T17:18:05-05:00

This model of health care provides an alternative, and more premium health care product. Besides providing a significant value to cost ratio, you will also save money on NEVER having a primary care office co-pay, NO urgent care visits, SIGNIFICANTLY reduced emergency room visits and you will experience the convenience of never waiting in a doctor’s office or even on hold for your doctor, NO delays in your care and an improved experience at specialist visits, in the hospital or the nursing home and with significantly decreased rates of readmission after hospitalization due to improved access to your doctor in the post-hospitalization period.

Will you work with my specialists?2024-01-18T17:17:31-05:00

Due to not being affiliated directly with our major health care systems, Dr. Lantz can coordinate your health care across systems, recommend the best care providers, regardless of where they work and even attend these visits with you.

Will your practice close to new patients?2024-01-18T17:17:07-05:00

Yes. Dr. Lantz-DeGeorge’s practice is designed as a micropractice, handling a very small number of patients in order to provide excellent same and next-day care. Space is limited and when full, a waitlist will be created.

What if I have more questions?2024-01-18T17:16:34-05:00

Contact us directly. Dr. Lantz is always happy to take as long as you need to answer any questions about this practice and meet in person at no cost to determine if she is the right fit for you.

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